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KeepKey Doge [-Mystery Box-]

KeepKey Doge [-Mystery Box-]

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"The KeepKey Doge Mystery Box" - the ultimate hardware wallet and Dogecoin swag bundle. With one KeepKey hardware wallet in every box and a mystery assortment of dogecoin-themed collectibles, this box is perfect for any cryptocurrency enthusiast or dogecoin fan.

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KeepKey Desktop

Manage your crypto in KeepKey's Desktop application.

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KeepKey is Open Sourced!

KeepKey uses open-sourced, public code, to allow you to verify each processes integrity.

KeepKey on Github

KeepKey is in the news.

KeepKey knows what it's doing security wise. It's been around since 2015, with thousands of KeepKey wallets being used, multiple big news articles about it (Nasdaq, Forbes, Coindesk, and more), and it's open sourced!

  • Get KeepKey today!

    Don't risk losing your coins to exchanges and hackers. Even big exchanges sometimes go down, and that's not a risk you should take.

    Remember: Not your keys, not your coins. Instead, start self-custody and gain full control and security over your coins - with KeepKey.


How can I be sure somebody didn't tamper with my wallet, and get my seedphrase?

KeepKey has a special case designed to be tamper evident, and a tamper-evident seal.

On top of that, KeepKey's case is metal, and designed to not be put together once it's come apart. Unlike Ledger and Trezor, which have plastic cases which could easily be removed and reattached.

Why a KeepKey hardware wallet instead of an online exchange?

Online crypto exchanges are targeted by hackers, and have a chance of going down. If the exchange goes down, or gets hacked, or you get hacked, then you lose your crypto and that would be a very sad day. That's not a risk you should take!

Unlike a KeepKey! A KeepKey hardware wallet gives you full ownership of your crypto - not the exchange, and makes your crypto fully offline away from hackers!

Don't risk your crypto to an exchange! Get a KeepKey to secure your crypto and have peace of mind.

What if my wallet gets smashed, lost, or breaks?

Every KeepKey device generates a 12-word recovery sentence during initialization that can be used to retrieve your private keys and crypto.

Have peace of mind even if something happens to your wallet.

What if somebody gets hold of my wallet?

Not to worry, every KeepKey device comes has PIN protection.

How can I contact KeepKey?

Direct support is over at