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Why a hardware wallet?

Online Exchanges

Targeted by hackers.

Your coins aren't truly yours..

Your personal data might be leaked.

Constantly worried if your crypto is still there...

KeepKey hardware wallet

100% offline.

100% ownership.

100% anonymous.

100% peace of mind.

Supports 7,000+ coins & tokens!

As well as 350 chains, NFTs, airdrops, DeFi and Web3 dApps!

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Leading coins KeepKey supports!

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Most trusted for nearly 10 years!

KeepKey was one of the first in the Industry, started back in 2015!

KeepKey vs other wallets!


Supports Rune

Fully open-sourced

Privacy by default

No back doors


Doesn't support Rune

Partially open-sourced

Tracks users by default

No back doors


Difficult to use Rune

Not open-sourced.

Tracks users by default

Back doors

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C. K. Hartline

"It's called KeepKey for a reason."


"KeepKey delivers on all fronts: my favorite hardware wallet"

Ericsson-Zenith, Steven

"True security for bitcoin."

Jimmy Harris

"Best BTC cold storage device I have used!"

"I can't imagine anything superior"

And many more.

Why do I need a hardware wallet?

What if I lose access to my hardware wallet?

How can I contact KeepKey?

How can I be sure nobody tampered with my KeepKey while it was on the way?

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